Monday, 17 January 2011

Creative writing software - give it to me....

Do you make creative writing software? Point me in your direction...

I want to review the very latest in tools for writers. I have seen a lot of novel writing apps and I will be talking about them. But what I am especially looking for is software tools for poetry writing. Maybe this is something syndicated, or well-known software that you use an element of in a special way to help your writing. Or maybe even it is something, maybe just a bit of code or a macro that you have written yourself.

Let me in on the secret...

I can promise discretion and objectivity. I am a geek and a poet after all.


In the fifties, they had another way to ensure secrecy during testing - a technical writer friend of mine who was writing the handbook on some gizmo - early modems, I think - was worried about his security. It was cold war time. The powers-that-be gave him a dog.

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