Thursday, 20 January 2011

Watched by sabre tooth tigers

A slightly primeval feel to today's entry as I have been remembering an article from of all places The Financial Times I use to hand out during online information training. It explained that the screen refresh rate of computers (this being the 90s) was similar to the eye movements of a predator about to strike. And as a result, looking at the display triggered an atavistic fear response in users; an early warning system from primitive times pumping adrenalin and urging the user (potential victim) to hurl themselves away from danger.

Have you ever felt like that while working on a computer? That the thing was out to get you.

Distraction during the creative process, the man from Porlock, perhaps a more useful technique than we might assume? Not denigrating the power of pure slog but sometimes when you want to catch an idea that is hovering out of reach, maybe flicking through 10 other applications/social networking sites/answering a question about Blake's 7 and even feeling the fear and disruption is exactly what needs to be done.

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