Friday, 4 February 2011

Sound art/poetry: Mark Greenwood performance London February 5th 2011

Mark Greenwood will be performing at [performancespace] on February 5th 2011. For more details go to:

Mark first came to poetandgeek's attention (thank you Cris Cheek!) with the project, Parallel Plymouth.

Working in association with Plymouth Arts Centre, he took a series of walks around Plymouth investigating myths, histories and monuments as well as systems for writing poetry. By dissecting the systems of structuring language and using the rules and influences he applies to his text-based work Greenwood, in collaboration with i-DAT, has created a generative software that "writes" or executes poetry.

The software, Greenwood 2.0, generates new poems, which can be viewed on the large public i-DAT Greenscreen situated on the front of the Portland Square Building, University of Plymouth. The software and the poetry are further influenced by its environment through data feeds from sensors such as movement of people, CO2 levels, online search engines and through its own evolving generative system.

More on the project:

You can still hear some of the results here:

Mark Greenwood's current website

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