Friday, 11 March 2011

Sheffield Poetry Festival

Poetry lives and breathes in Sheffield: that's what the very first Sheffield Poetry Festival is designed to show. There are many different poetry communities here, and the Festival wants to bring them together to share each others' sense of what makes the best in poetry - as well as to provide the chance for people to experience a wider range of poetry than they might otherwise find in our streets.

Five poetry organisations, along with local writing groups and many individuals, have collaborated to bring together as many different kinds of poetic event as we can think up. Together we've created an eclectic programme, something for every poetic taste, bringing some major names into the city, whilst promoting local poets alongside them. There are performance events, readings - some a bit experimental, others more mainstream - small writers' groups and national voices. Several poetry publishers are promoting their poets, there are social activities, children's events and even a couple of slightly quirky offerings (University Poetry Challenge, anyone?).

The aim is to make the Sheffield Poetry Festival a regular event, every two years. We hope, then, that you will find plenty of events to come and enjoy - and that, with your support, we can establish the Festival as a welcome addition to the cultural life of the city.

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