Thursday, 21 April 2011

Adélia Prado tweet poetry 
Sometimes I get up at daybreak thirsty Flecks of dreams stuck to my nighclothes And go look at the children in their beds 
Right then what I am most sure of is we die

"Adélia Prado follows no trends, mostly stays at home, and is read all over Brazil". Adélia Luzia Prado Freitas (born December 13, 1935), is a Brazilian poet and writer.

These are Not Sweet Girls: v.7: Poetry by Latin American Women: Vol 7 (Secret Weavers Series)

The full poem quoted from above is called Murmur and is available translated in These are not sweet girls: poetry by Latin American women. Edited by Marjorie Agosin from White Pine Press 1994/ 2001.

Read more about Adélia Prado here in an interview with Bomb magazine

And more of Adélia Prado's poems translated into English can be found here:

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