Friday, 1 April 2011

E-Poetry [ 2011 ] : International Digital Language | Media | Arts Festival

E-Poetry runs from May 18-21, 2011 at State University of New York at Buffalo, United States. The event claims to be the "longest-running and definitive digital literature festival in the world"; previous events have been all over the western world including West Virginia, London, Paris, and Barcelona. 

There is still time for proposals for presentations that are truly exceptional in nature.

The festival promises 4 days of:

  • festival performances
  • exhibitions
  • artistic presentations of poetics statements
  • scholarly papers
  • talks
  • and celebration of creative, visionary, and imaginative poeisis at the cutting edge of the triumphant spirit of the arts in the digital age.
The festival presents world class e-poetry, digital and media arts, multilingual poetics, dance, music, and other forms of avant-garde artistic language, media and scholarly practice.

Find out more about the E-Poetry festival at: take a look at the Electronic Poetry Centre at Buffalo which is interesting. And here is a definition of poiesis which I had never heard of before but probably you like me kind of guessed right both what it means and what it implies.

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