Thursday, 7 April 2011

Icon Poet the writing toy

There is nothing I like more than a little writing gadget and here is an interesting one. Steve Tiffany's Icon Poet. Even without downloading the full whammy (which I haven't done as it is a .exe file and I just cannot stand the stress).

You can find its predecessor here This is a random poetry generator inspired by Arthur Rimbaud and written for the Amiga in 1988. Yup! That is a long time ago but it has a certain charm. Anyone who writes a program for that combines poetry and the Amiga gets my respect. 

Here is my small effort for improvised poetry. Remember that what you get out of these machines is like an exercise. You are unlikely to use it verbatim so be ready...

The singer is magic.  The dimple is sharp  The dust is hopeful.

Singer the short is anxiety.  Ceremony.  Leaf.  Individual. 

Not great but the hopeful dust will stick in my mind for a little bit.

More from Steve Tiffany here:

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  1. btw my advice is overwhelmingly don't download software unless you are sure about it; I am in the middle of contacting Steve Tiffany to make sure he is the good guy that he looks like so just use the play version for now...