Monday, 9 May 2011

3D poetry

Sound artists have introduced us to the idea of sound, phrases or words picked up using, for example, sensors or mics that are randomly triggered and then use an algorithm to form  an original output; one that very often can be repeated with endless variations.

But how about an actual 3D poetic form that stores variations in a designed way; it would have something in common with existing forms like the ghazal, villanelle or pantoum but perhaps more like a 3D chess board stretching up using an appropriate array to store the information.  Perhaps holding a collection of elements that are selected by indices computed at run-time. Grandmasters can hold all the moves in their heads so why can't poets? Folk musician and ballad singers come to mind with their knowledge of lengthy ballads and pieces with the intricate riffs and improvisations that might be used in a performance.

I think poets sell themselves short as to what we can actually manage.

So here goes, a three line stanza but each line can segue into a separate poem; imagine that times three. I feel inspired by the classical poets and  the Romantics who wrote their work on bark and trees (or at least wrote about doing so!); imagine leaves with a line or a word; and now imagine them floating down from the sky...each trajectory making a separate poem.

A job for the summer...

All fun but none of them much to do with the content of this post.

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