Sunday, 15 May 2011

Online poetry magazine Jacket is Jacket2

The online poetry magazine Jacket has a new home at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and is now reborn as Jacket2. Jacket itself was for many years one of the definitive online magazines. It was first published in 1997 by Australian poet and publisher John Tranter who continued as its editor throughout. At the time, Peter Forbes writing in the Guardian (UK) called it “the prince of online poetry magazines.” Its ethos, along with a small group of others, helped form a magazine web standard. The new issue was filled up bit by bit while past issues remained online. (Folks, this was new stuff back then). Most of the material was original to the magazine and commissioned, "but some .. excerpted [nice word] from or co-produced with hard-to-get books and magazines, partly to help them find new readers".

Still an interesting modus operandi I feel...

Jacket2 looks pretty good too and we hope it keeps something of its Australian sensibility, rigour and independence: try this on new Brazilian poets for example at

Jacket2 is here:

John Tranter's website is here:

And finally that Peter Forbes' article from 2002 is still hanging around here:

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