Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sheena Blackhall's Wittins

If you have never imagined what might happen when 38 poets sailed across Loch Katrine once home to Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake and now "the City of Glasgow's water supply", don't worry Sheena Blackhall has.

In 2009 Sheena Blackhall was appointed the first Makar for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Sheena Blackhall

Sheena Blackhall is a Nor' Aest scriever, illustrator, tradeetional ballant sangster an shenachie or, you might say, a poet, novelist, short story writer, illustrator, traditional story teller and singer. Author of 76 poetry pamphlets, and many other works, she co-edits the Doric resource Elphinstone Kist, and works to promote writing in Doric, Scots culture and language in the North East.

Try Wittins; A Selection of poems by Sheena Blackhall published by diehard publishers, 91-93 Main Street Callander Scotland FK17 8BQ ISBN 978-0946230-82-2 , September 201 compiled with an introduction by Sally Evans, editor of Poetry Scotland, and a foreword by Joy Hendry, editor of Chapman Magazine.

diehard poetry is a series of books published at Kings Bookshop Callander (formerly Old Grindles Bookshop, Edinburgh); contact via http://www.desktopsallye.com/. Wittins was launched at the Callander Poetry Weekend, one of the revolutionary diehard metallic bindings series. These are sewn opening flat, Trip-to-Jerusalem style bookbinding and, cheekily, a nod to the e-reader in a metallic finish.

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