Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Call for poetry, reviews and essays...Issue 2 Autumn 2011 poetandgeek.com

Call for poetry (4 poems or less), images and reviews (literary and technical) for Issue 2 Autumn 2011 of poetandgeek.com online magazine. Deadline for copy is July 30th 2011.

You can view Issue 1 at www.poetandgeek.com.

Essays, by prior discussion with the Editor only, send an outline of your ideas on poetry,place and/or informatics marked FAO Bridget Khursheed. Please note that editorial policy values the experimental, fresh and thoughtful in language and form; don't send us an ode to your i-pod. Having said that we love poets who surprise us with their use of traditional form and welcome dialect poems and translations.

Contact for submissions and all other enquiries is poetandgeek at gmail.com.

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