Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chus Pato: muse as machine

an inner voice, we listen to this singular voice; we await orders, await instructions from this inner voice

but an internalized voice is made up of every written text, read by those eyes-voice, made up of all we've spoken of, of all that is not verbal (audible)

we await orders; is this how we write?

we say the poem is inspired
we listen to the inner voice (the poet's)
we await orders, instructions from this incarcerated voice, so inspired, of the poet

we thank the deity for the concordance between symbol and thing, between language and things

Chus Pato

from Charenton translated from the Galego by Erín Moure

More on Chus Pato here at Shearsman who also sell a translation of this poem.

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