Thursday, 16 June 2011

In search of old roads

Reading a Kindle, you have to find your way round a new set of navigation; thumbing pages, dog-ears, coffee stains and the cognitive map we make when we read (the almost photographic record of the shapes the words make on the spread-out pages allowing pattern recognition to help us find our place), all these things are lost.

Devil's Causeway heading for Hart Burn ford - - 1753411.jpg

What will it feel like for the Kindle user generation when they go back to using these old book maps and roads?

A bit like rediscovering the Devil's Causeway in Northumberland, UK, a shortcut to the Roman road Dere Street, and trying to follow it. If your house lies on an old road, its foundations are solid but you may see the ghost of, who knows, legionaries marching through your walls.

Andrew Curtis took this photo btw; more here,

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