Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nabati poetry contest in UAE

The competition will exhibit artistic images in three categories:

  • the most beautiful Nabati poem in describing the bird (falcon),
  • the most beautiful Nabati poem in describing Mignas (hunting)
  • and the most beautiful Nabati poem which discusses loss of the bird.

The participating poems must be submitted via e-mail to adihex@adach.ae . The total value of the prizes is 135,000 UAE dirhams. The winner in every category gets an AED of 20,000, while the runner up gets AED 15,000 and third place finalist receiving AED 10,000. The Exhibition's High Organizing Committee also grants the winners appreciation certificates. Deadline is September 7th 2011. The competition is meant for poets of Gulf Cooperation Council nations and Arab Nabati poets.

More on the poetry contest here:



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