Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Formatting as form

You are writing a poem.
And then you find
you split up all the words
like this.

I think if I wrote a macro that divided lines like this, it would account for a large tranche of recently written English language poetry. I don't know how much play word processors have on poetic form but some of the things that bug me about them include:

  • the insistence on capitalization at the beginning of a line
  • dislike of fragments
  • disturbing questions about that and which in clause structure
  • American spelling as a default
  • insistence on spelling
  • space between lines

I am not sure how much writing by word processor affects what I write but I do find it encourages me to veer towards a standard line length. And that ain't good.

It's twisting my melon, man (manchester slide beat follows...without capitalization)

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