Thursday, 25 August 2011

Peter Bennet tweet poetry

"a most original, erudite and human collection of poems placed in Bennet's familiar and alchemical Northumbrian home landscape - a worthy Poetry Book Society Choice."

Peter Bennet lives in rural Northumberland near the Wild Hills o'Wanney, a strangely accoustical landscape which inspired the ballad-writer James Armstrong, and gave the young Kathleen Raine her first sense of another, more essential world. The Glass Swarm the collection from which this Tweet poetry is taken unites skilful random rhyme and lightly handled traditional forms with characteristic imaginative power and dark humour. The poems combine an unusually broad range of reference with surprising intimacy, not least in the intricate sequence ‘Folly Wood’, which takes as a starting point the Twelve Gates of the English alchemist George Ripley. 

This is an extract from the poem The Doll a poem both intimate and sickening in sonnet form.

The cover of 'The Glass Swarm'

More on Peter Bennet and this title here:

Buy The Glass Swarm (recommended course of action) at any good bookshop or send a cheque to Flambard Press, Holy Jesus Hospital, City Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2AS. Or go browse Flambard's other offerings.

And gosh why did I remember this book as being red? I had to look for it for ages. The cover of course is orange but the poems are red.

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