Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Breaking free, Glasgow, Scotland 29th October 2011

'Breaking Free 1860/2011', written by Dennis Oliver, looks at the role of the Underground Railway in helping slaves escape. A fast-paced dramatized presentation featuring Glasgow actors and musicians. This theatrical event, on at St Mungo's Museum as part of Black History Week ,is a lively production with lots of songs ! 7pm to 8pm, FREE, no need to book.

Good things also on the Day of the Dead at this museum of religious life and art, it focuses on Mexico but I remember a train ride in Galicia watching families take flowers to the graveyards at every stop on that day. All souls and all hallows... 

Sunday, 25 September 2011


As a global blog, we try to post in the original language of, for example, our poet or event's home country plus a translation.

We've recently been asked about this again. So here goes...

Don't worry. Not everyone speaks all languages. If you don't speak the language featured, here are some tips:

  1. Start learning - as poets we should be learning new words and improving our language skills all the time, nothing helps this process as much as learning a new language. Also you can start to read and translate other poet's work in different languages. (Machine code counts btw - see, you are already a linguist.)
  2. Copy the text and take it to a free translator like or They are not perfect but they'll give you the gist and get you started. You may need to refine the tricky bits (e.g. of a poem) by using an online dictionary such as
  3. Go with the flow; you may not understand everything but I bet you can understand a bit (the rhythm?) and that bit may be enough to open a door...

Enjoy! And look forward to seeing your translations.

Festival de Poesía en Voz Alta, México 13 Octobre 2011

El Festival de Poesía en Voz Alta (México) ha invitado al poeta argentino Jorge Fondebrider y a Tomás Gubitsch para crear un espectáculo conjunto, "Standards". Será el 13 de octubre de 2011 en la Casa del Lago.

The Poetry Festival in Voz Alta in Mexico has invited Argentine poets Jorge Fondebrider and Tomás Gubitsch to create a spectacular event together. Jorge Fondebrider is a writer and poet born in Buenos Aires in 1956. His published poetry books are Elegías (Buenos Aires, 1983), Imperio de la Luna (Buenos Aires, Libros de Tierra Firme, 1987), Standards (Buenos Aires, Libros de Tierra Firme, 1993) and Los últimos tres años (Buenos Aires, Libros de Tierra Firme, 2006). Tomás Gubitsch was born in Buenos Aires in 1957, Already aguitar virtuoso at 17 years he joined the Invisible group (with Luis Alberto Spinetta) whose recitales got more than 15,000 spectators. Also a member of the group of contemporary tango " Cero" generation of Rodolfo Mederos.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Caroline Bergvall tweet poetry

This is from the poem Fsh according to Hannah Weiner in Caroline Bergvall's book Fig from Salt (again). 2005. Bergvall is one of the rare tweet poets who already uses upper case within her line and stress pattern. 

Reaching Inside a Her bod Y retrieve Small lastiC ups Meat is carved all over th Her insides Bright were th Daze Pushing -error For The Sake

She is a writer and cross-disciplinary artist working across media, languages and artforms. French-Norwegian, but based in London. Known best for her multilingual poetics, her work around new literacies, cultural belonging and accented practices, and for her investment in radicalising writing's modes of dissemination and access.

More on Caroline Bergvall here: and

Monday, 19 September 2011

Issue 2 out now

Welcome to Issue 2 of poet and geek. A place of harvest. A place of machines.

With new work from Daniel de Cullá, Michael Pedersen, Rebekha Carlsen, Vivien Jones, Bridget Khursheed, Radames Ortiz, Stella Pye, Cat Dickson, Zion Lights, Jacqueline Smith, Ed Waverley, Vox Anon, Jonah Semple, Jayne Bauling, Fiona Sinclair, Mary McLuskey, Sue Bell, Verity Hobbs.

Academics sought

Are you an academic working on the boundaries of poetry, sound art, sound, informatics, or environment?

Have you something cool to share with us here at We are especially looking for research posters, papers, exhibitions or end of term shows.

Contact us at the usual address...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Issue 2 almost here

Featuring a whole host of goodies including the work of Daniel de Cullá:

El escritor

In the meantime, whet your appetite with a last look at Issue 1 here

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Soundart Radio

Have you ever wanted to make your own radio show? Then Soundart Radio can help you. Poet radio time again.

Soundart Radio Logo

Perhaps you recorded a show on
 a cassette when you were a teenager and spent a lot of time alone. Maybe you have a list in your head that you could read out. Or perhaps you're a poet who lives in the trees, an angel, a roadkill chef or can recognise birds by their songs. If so, send some poems to

If you are interested in more technical skills, go here:

Or just listen to birds and other cool stuff here

ARTournament September 25th Sunday Daytime Chill Gloucester, UK

Do you fancy lingering in the season of mellow? Fruitfulness guaranteed.

ARTournament will be giving away prizes for the best audience voted performance of the day. Each member of the audience will be given one vote on the door when they arrive. The performer/s with the most votes at 9.45pm will be presented with £100 in cash-good luck everyone.

The New Inn in the centre of Gloucester (opp M&S) City Centre. 16 Northgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom this goes on for days and days until 6th November. Go here for more

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kalinić Vinko tweet poetry

Kalinić Vinko was born in 1974 in Split, Croatia.: writer, poet, journalist and human rights activist.


Vinko  is descended from a family of fishermen on the island of Komiža/Vis. He is the author of 5 books of poetry. His poems have been translated into several languages ​​and published around the world. In addition to the official Croatian language, he writes in a special dialect, "Komiža."  in his poetry journal and poetry. 
Rains made us wet that summer All night long Clinging tight one to another One through another Drop by drop Out of two of us thousands of us

More here:  and here http: / / / pages / Vinko-Kalini% C4% 87/110184921886. English translations of his poems available here

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Your own poetry radio

Your own show, your own share: BlogTalkRadio claims to be the easiest way to create and share audio on the web.

You'll find all the stuff you need to know at

The Speakeasy cafe open mike poetry ~internet radio~ show tonight!

US time for this one so plenty of time to check it out even though it is today.

At 7pm US East Coast time, check in early, meet poets, hear poets and read yourself:

This show happens every Thursday and you do have to call in...but maybe there is a way round that.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deconstruction of a shantie

In Chinook, shantie or shantey still simply means to sing and we can guess that its roots occur somewhere in the French word chanter.

On boats and ships around the world, shanties were work songs whose rhythms helped synchronise tasks. So for example a haul shantie was sung when hauling in a line. If the job was expected to be quick, a short-haul shantie would be sung - one long stress per chorus; if long, with less force perhaps two pulls each chorus, a long-haul shantie was called for such as the ubiquitous Blow the man down (beloved of music teachers).

File:Old Lighthouse Waitemata Harbour.jpg

Other shanties would be developed for other jobs and might involve stamping as a kind of group percussion. And it is the driving rhythm that may encourage us to recognise shantie or shantie beats in poetry. Or simply hear the sound of a work task hidden in its structure.

There is more information here and here

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Youth Poet Laureate Program, New York, United States

This event runs from 12th September at 4.30pm until 14th October at 4.30pm.

(I like this level of precision timing btw)

Register now to become New York's Youth Poetry Laureate, serve for the city for 1 year, complete a full NYC library tour, and win a book deal to publish your first book of poems.