Sunday, 25 September 2011


As a global blog, we try to post in the original language of, for example, our poet or event's home country plus a translation.

We've recently been asked about this again. So here goes...

Don't worry. Not everyone speaks all languages. If you don't speak the language featured, here are some tips:

  1. Start learning - as poets we should be learning new words and improving our language skills all the time, nothing helps this process as much as learning a new language. Also you can start to read and translate other poet's work in different languages. (Machine code counts btw - see, you are already a linguist.)
  2. Copy the text and take it to a free translator like or They are not perfect but they'll give you the gist and get you started. You may need to refine the tricky bits (e.g. of a poem) by using an online dictionary such as
  3. Go with the flow; you may not understand everything but I bet you can understand a bit (the rhythm?) and that bit may be enough to open a door...

Enjoy! And look forward to seeing your translations.

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