Thursday, 5 January 2012

A year of will be a year old in a week or so and we are celebrating.

First, we have made 3 issues of our magazine; the third of which is coming soon crammed with juicy art and poetry. All can be found at central.

Second, our posts on poetry, place and informatics that have gone beyond what is offered anywhere else in the world. Here Ginsberg rubs shoulders with Zora Cross, Sir Walter Scott takes a bow to Daniel de Cullá. We were talking about new poetry apps and what good they might be to writers from our earliest posts. And looking at the machine-speech-poetry interface not to mention the bird-musical instrument-sound art interface. And look a little closer and you will find everything from tweet poetry - first defined here - to Arabic free verse and the new ballad. Like this sort of stuff? Want to know what a hemistich is? Poet and geek? Then stick around for 2012.

And that brings us to our third and most important element: our readers who join us via Nintendo, Android and iPod and browse on everything from SimplePie to Opera and Firefox, who have come from every continent bar Antarctica (and that is only a matter of time) and half of the world's countries ranging from China to Oman, Micronesia to Suriname, Scotland to Nigeria. We like you reading our stuff so thank you and please keep visiting. Send poems, ideas, images, wishlists, what you think you want to see...and we will try to make it happen.

We are free here to do what we like. (Not owned by any national organisation and funded solely by a bequest from a Dublin fashion designer that gives us a few brief years of life.) And we hope to do it brilliantly.

Thank you.

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