Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pathlight magazine: New Chinese Writing

Pathlight magazine is a new English-language literary magazine produced by Paper Republic and People's Literature Magazine (《人民文学》杂志社). It is currently in trial publication period—the first issue came out on November 20, and the second issue will be published in advance of the 2012 London Book Fair, where China will be the Market Focus.

Authors in the first edition include: 

Bei Dao (北岛), Jiang Rong (姜戎), Leung Man-tao (梁文道),  Yang Lian (杨炼) and their many talented translators.

You can find out more and order details from here:

It has got some excellent reviews - (The first edition of Pathlight: New Chinese Writing shows the best of Chinese literature to the rest of the world, in the estimation of Chitralekha Basu.)

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  1. I ordered and read the first issue of Pathlight: New Chinese writing. I absolutely loved it!

    In all honesty I couldn't really get into a bit of the poetry but the story about the old man trying to learn English so he could read his son's articles was fantastic!

    I can't wait for the second edition.