Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Petr Řehoř: Kirjainten ruumi/The Body of Letters, Oulu, Finland

Still time to visit this exhibition in Kulttuuritalo Valve (Valvegalleria), 7th - 29th of January 2012  and open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM. Address is Hallituskatu 7,Oulun kaupunki (Oulu).

Petr Řehoř

Petr Rehor, a czech painter who has lived in Finland since the 80s, says of its genesis "When I walked along the streets of Helsinki in the early 1990's, I noticed that the neon signs of the bank departments were being removed. The bank crisis was going on full speed and the banks that had gotten into bankruptcy could not pay back even the financial support that had been issued from the taxpayers' money. When I asked where the letters and logos were going to be taken, I got the answer "To the dump yard". I suggested whether I could get the letters to myself, as material for my art pieces. I pondered how the logos and letters of such marvellous bank departments could change into waste. What were their lives like? I started using with the abandoned letters and started to form new words with new meanings. These letters became the carriers of hidden meanings that slowly reveal the life of their own. I built objects, painted and photographied them. These letters have an inner, deeper meaning to me. They became symbols of power that may vanish in the next moment. I want to continue working with this project."

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  1. Cau Petre,

    sem u dcery v nemecku, zdravim te a jak se mas?

    Cau Joska

  2. Velmi dobře děkuji - to je dobré slyšet od vás!


    Let us know what you are doing next...