Tuesday, 10 January 2012

poetandgeek.com Issue 3 now open

Welcome to issue 3 of poetandgeek.com.

Our publishing year ends and so does the first series of the magazine. The bare ground reveals the beginning of a new cycle and our poems are full of buds, flood, birds and journeys. We are focusing on place in this issue and hot foot it from New Zealand with Iain Britton, the southern United States with Leah Hughes to Biggar in South Lanarkshire with Andrew MacCallum but watch out for other eco-systems that include demonic daisies, red flowers, and gardens and seasons that are almost.

There is also are reunion of sorts in the publishing of poems from Shaun Belcher, Giles Goodland and Bridget Khursheed together in text for the first time since the heady pamphleteering days of Last Gasp.

We are also delighted to include poems to highlight new books from Shaun Belcher (Last farmer/Salt Modern Voices) and Elizabeth Rimmer (Wherever We Live Now/Red Squirrel Press) and present suitable acknowledgements here to their original publishers.

New poems also from Auston McCarron, P.A.Levy, Rebecca Shore, Stella Pye, and Ed Waverley,

Images supplied by the inimitable Daniel de Cullá and Anastasya Shepherd (her work is also featured here). And our technical exploration is led by Jim Ferguson and the last words are his:

We are moved back to the beginning through argument, sign or symbolic instruction, whatever: the important thing is that we are moved to go back and read afresh.

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