Saturday, 18 February 2012

Charlotte Mew tweet poetry

Charlotte Mew (1869 - 1928) was an English poet and writer. Admired by Thomas Hardy, Walter de la Mare, Virginia Woolf, Siegfried Sassoon and John Masefield, she battled with depression during her lifetime.

trees and the high white walls the sun was always on the towers The walls are standing to-day and the gates I have been through the gates

Her best known work remains the ambiguous poem The Farmer's Bride.

Charlotte Mew

This tweet poetry is taken from the poem I have been through the gates

His heart to me, was a place of palaces and pinnacles and shining towers;
I saw it then as we see things in dreams,--I do not remember how long I slept;
I remember the trees, and the high, white walls, and how the sun was always on the
The walls are standing to-day, and the gates; I have been through the gates, I have
groped, I have crept
Back, back. There is dust in the streets, and blood; they are empty; darkness is over
His heart is a place with the lights gone out, forsaken by great winds and the heavenly
rain, unclean and unswept,
Like the heart of the holy city, old blind, beautiful Jerusalem;
Over which Christ wept .

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