Monday, 27 February 2012

Nabati poet idol

Abu Dhabi Poetry Academy plays a key role in investigating and documenting Arabic poetry as well as "rehabilitating it as a modern literary genre".

Unusually the academy has its roots in tv talent shows. ‘Poetry in the area was initially very popular among the people,’ Sultan Al Amimi who is the head of the academy and a tv judge, ‘the shows - Million's Poet and Prince of Poets - just made poetry available to the masses. It reaches people all over the Arab world and makes them a part of the poetry, a part of the competition. Everyone can relate to the poems in one way or another, and it captures the hearts of viewers old and young, rich or poor.’

Abdul Aziz al Zoraei, from Yemen, was crowned the victor of the latter television show’s fourth season. He won Dh1 million in cash, in addition to the “Princely Gown” and the “Princely Ring”.

Yemeni poet Abdul Aziz Al Zaraei is crowned as the new Prince of Poets.

Behind the tv glitz, the academy shapes its innovative cultural role for Arabic poetry through academic research, competitions and readings. The ultimate mission of the Academy is to enhance communication and interaction between researchers and poets.

More on the Prince of Poets here and the Nabati poetry academy here

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