Thursday, 12 April 2012

Contemporary Chinese Poetry London, UK 16th April 2012

Jade Ladder is a new anthology of Chinese poetry and its diversity as it renegotiates its relationship with Western modernist and postmodernist poetry, and re-engages with its Classical heritage. Misty, post-Misty, Fourth Generation; publication in samizdat, publication in exile, publication on the internet – in a nation of billions, it sometimes seems that there are a million ways to write poetry.

Jade Ladder

This event is held from 7.00 p.m at London Review bookshop 14 Bury Place, London WC1A 2JL

Chinese poets, driven by alienation, trauma and exile, are in the midst of one of the most thorough and exciting experiments in world poetry. Discussion and readings with Xi Chuan, one of China’s most influential poets, and Bloodaxe editors Yang Lian and W.N. Herbert.

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