Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2012 poetry competition

If all this Olympic stuff has got you feeling competitive, here is a little opportunity to use that spirit. Thanks for all the entries received so far.

A sketch of a man facing to the right

  • Poems on the subjects of journey must be 30 lines or less.
  • Poems in English.
  • Poems must be unpublished and not under consideration.
  • Send in body of email. Or by post.
  • Judges' decision is final. Notifications by end of  September 2012
  • Poems will be published in Issue 5 (October 2012).
  • Deadline is 31st August 2012.


  1. Hi, sorry if this is a daft question, but does the limit of 30 lines include the title and lines between verses, or just the text of the poem itself?

    1. Not daft at all - 30 lines of text (so title and blank lines between can be ignored).

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes