Monday, 27 August 2012


I would like to recommend that poets have a clamjamfy; a celebration and a fine thing. And gather an audience of poets. And let us know about it.

The one in Biggar was a one-off; here in the picture are Douglas Dunn and Gerry Cambridge. Don't be mislead by Dunn's beard; he read with wit, and vitriol discarding age like an old cloak on the floor. And the bill didn't stop there; John Glenday, Vicki Feaver, Helena Nelson (reading her own and Tom Duddy's work), Andrew McCallum, Chris Powici, Alan Riach, Jennifer Copley and Alan Sclater all gathered by Richie McCaffery.

I will review the event more fully in the Eildon Tree.

Poets reading to poets always adds a little oxygen to the atmosphere.

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