Thursday, 8 November 2012

A road less travelled: storylane

I had an interesting email from Jonathan Gheller (CEO of Storylane and not many CEOs write to p&g).

He is inviting participation in Storylane in the following words:

I have been working for a while on Storylane, a product that I believe a blog owner like you will appreciate. Storylane works like a blogging platform but is social from the ground up. Your content can be categorized by you and then discovered by our fast growing community. Storylane can breathe new life into the content you created for your old blog and hopefully connect you with people, places, and ideas that can add value and meaning to your life.

Would you like to give us a try? join us and add a story or two (feel free to use stories that are already on your blog)

Normally as you know we try to avoid puffing things but it is your choice. What we liked about Jonathan is that when we replied saying we would think about it, he got back and said thank you. Sound lad.

Over to you...out of the fast lane into the story lane...let us know how it the usual address. You can find more here

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