Thursday, 8 November 2012 poetry competition results 2012 is pleased to announce the results of its inaugural poetry competition.

The poems were judged independently by members of the Borders Writers Forum.

Winner: Stella Pye - Tres Fort

The judges commented on the poem's "fresh images, interesting antitheses and its central premise evocative of both emerging countries and some western countries locked in a time warp".

Stella Pye's work has appeared in magazine.

Stella has recently begun researching a PhD in Creative and Cultural Studies; her particular fascination is with formalisms in women's poetry; most of her own writing seems to be meta-poetic.


Runner-up: Michelle D'costa - Final destination

The judges were struck by the poem's intelligent brevity and strong image of the umbilical cord as a noose.

Michelle is an Indian raised in Bahrain. She enjoys walking in other’s shoes through her writing. Her words have been embraced in poetry anthologies like Poems of the poppies(Silverwood Books, UK), Musings: A mosaic(On Fire,Poets Corner, India), The Love Collection(Destiny to write publications,UK) and The Odd Magazine(Oddity 3,India). She also edits poetry at Decades Review.

Thank you to Himanshu Sarpotdar for the use of this photo.

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