Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Not wanting to write

We'll all have days like these. The paper stays white. We resent it. We complete myriad chores of the kind:

  • rearranging our collection of tickets
  • dusting
  • finding and comparing and making new lists
  • and so on.

The writing does not occur. In my case I usually hate the idea of writing. I am rarely indifferent to it and when that happens somehow it is even worse.

Lately I have been keeping a log of the commute to my geek work. This has been very satisfying in that no work day goes by at least without something written. Pressure off. I can then luxuriate in any poems I write.

Today I feel I don't care about the idea of writing at all.
And I have written this already.

It is a good trick if you can fool yourself.

It doesn't always work though!

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