Saturday, 16 February 2013

More Welsh than you thought

You may know more Welsh than you thought you know...take a look at the days of the week in Welsh and you will notice some uncanny echoes of most Latin based European languages...including English partially.

Monday Dydd Llun

Tuesday Dydd Mawrth

Wednesday Dydd Mercher

Thursday Dydd Iau

Friday Dydd Gwener

Saturday Dydd Sadwrn

Sunday Dydd Sul

All the day names come from a Graeco-Roman root centred on the names of mythological figures so for example Dydd Mercher/Miércoles/Mercredi all come from the Roman god Mercury. The odd thing is that English replaces Mercury with the Norse God Woden for Wednesday...but semantically there is still believed to be a connection.

You can listen to the Welsh days here and learn more about their origins here

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