Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nabati poetry anthology

This anthology of Nabati poetry comes from Ithaca Press. And was recently runner-up in the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Book Prize 2012.

The anthology was commended. "The translations work fabulously in English, showing a range of style, technique, sensitivity to the tone and historical context of the original. The work with rhyme schemes is nothing short of astounding!'

We have discussed Nabati poetry before here at Poems emanate from the everyday people of the Arabian peninsula (and are shown on tv) and don't follow strict literary Arabic forms (the Quran is written according to these rules).

Some contend that there is a class element to Nabati poetry: "It is commonly translated as "vernacular, popular", but this may suggest that this type of poetry is the domain of uneducated, "backwards" segments of society, waiting to be eradicated by general progress towards modern standard Arabic. While purists may see it that way, the facts are otherwise."

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