Sunday, 24 February 2013

Warwick ecopoetics workshop

Sample course material from Warwick University - an enticing navigation through ecopoetics for graduate students in this module.

A sample week's material:

"Sound marks the “true north” of ecopoetics—not the only significant dimension of an environmental poetics, but often a reliable way to get oriented—a Compass Point for thinking, writing, speaking to get their bearings in a more-than-human world. An ecopoetics attends first by listening, whatever be its other vectors of engagement. (“Before it is polluted, the river wants to be heard,” writes Cecilia Vicuña.) Listening can be understood as a stance of participatory receptiveness, as much as an aural faculty (we can “listen” with our eyes or “sound” with science): it is difficult to be responsible to an environment, if we have not first listened in, to find out who is present"

With samples from John Cage, Emily Dickinson, Larry Eigner, Ronald Johnson, Nathaniel Mackey, Lorine Niedecker, Maggie OʼSullivan, R. Murray Schafer.

btw David Morley teachers at Warwick...

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