Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lorna Goodison tweet poetry

Lorna Goodison first came to my attention in Archie Markham's anthology Hinterland. She is a Jamaican poet and artist born in 1947. Now working as an academic currently teaching at the University of Michigan.

This tweet poetry is taken from Goodison's poem I am becoming my mother. The full poem can also be seen on the London Underground.

Yellow/brown woman
fingers smelling always of onions

My mother raises rare blooms
and waters them with tea
her birth waters sang like rivers
my mother is now me

My mother had a linen dress
the colour of the sky
and stored lace and damask
to pull shame out of her eye.

I am becoming my mother
brown/yellow woman
fingers smelling always of onions.

You can find more about Goodison here

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