Sunday, 5 May 2013

Aníbal Núñez tweet poetry

Aníbal Núñez (1944-1987) was a Spanish poet, painter and translator.

Núñez was born in Salamanca and studied Literature. Modern Languages and Fine Arts there. He translated the work of Propertius, Catullus and Rimbaud - nice choices. He died young but left a large body of poetry and extensive visual work. This tweet poem is taken from the poem No solamente en broadway (Not only in Broadway) written in 1972 but first published in 2008.

"Recognition was slow to come, as his poetry stood outside the major critical currents of his time in Spain. The situation has been changing since his death, and re-evaluation of his work has seen him recognised as a major, if independent, figure." Tony Frazer.

"El día que descubrí que el gran poeta salmantino figura en todas las antologías poéticas que se precien ; que su Antología Poética completa ( dos volúmenes ) figura en el catálogo de la prestigiosa Editorial Hiperión ; que no tiene estatua, no , en ningún rincón de la ciudad ; que era nada amigo de la ostentación y la mediocridade e hijo del insigne PEPE NUÑEZ LARRAZ." Ismael Marcos

Find his work here and in English for arguably the first time here; full text of the poem here

Amongst all the monotony of all these activities fix yourself in the wind that sweeps clean these tombs chapped by snow

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