Saturday, 15 June 2013

Vivienne Westwood wants your poetry

And good on her! We like her thinking. Poetry to change the world.

You get the chance to:

  • get into a masterclass led by "contemporary poets" to workshop stuff.
  • record your poems at The Premises solar-powered 'A' Studio in London.
  • do a portrait shoot - presumably as a subject.
  • Perform to a celebrity audience at a special poetry reading hosted by Westwood at Keats' house. Keats is on your side obviously.

The project is the subject of a film too.

The Climate Revolution Project is open to all poets aged 17-21 living in London (or able to blag this part in some way - don't be put off - not suggesting you blag the young part obviously). The application process closes on Monday  24 June 2013.   SO be quick! (Sorry I was in Manchester! What do you expect! Up to date information! You see this - you go for it - that is the way life is. Don't think. Apply!)

Westwood founded the Climate Revolution to "encourage people to take action on climate change and to save our future by doing simple things in their daily lives that can make a difference, like signing a petition to Save the Arctic and the Rainforests and to limiting consumption; ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’." And also to write poetry. Good stuff.

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