Thursday, 18 July 2013

Riverbank listening 01

I have been working on this project around about 6pm at the junction of the Huntlyburn and the Tweed.

The Huntlyburn is dry and the Tweed flowing.

An opportunity to follow the Huntlyburn tributary riverbed now a path with large cobbles moving and clattering beneath my feet.

Sandmartins whose nest entrances I can now see fly in arcs above. Grass and thick vegetation moves swishing and pulled by the breeze the main river sucks towards it. And the oystercatchers - followers of Bridget - call in alarm as I stravaig through their territory.

A drainage pipe marks the join between wet and dry river beds. And the water of the Tweed flows with a fast fluent sound; and a bass note of glugs as the water passes over the pipe.

How many notes does water flow contain?

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