Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Scots Leid

A beautiful poem in Scots from Sheila Templeton can be found at the Scots Language Centre. The list of flowers - the lupins, roses, fennel, lilies and sedums - and the suggestion of spells and fires reminds p&g of St John's night in Vigo...

On Midsimmer Eve (Extract)

I winna seek tae meet my luve
lik ither lasses. Nae for me
the midnicht runes, the folded
fresh plucked rose, garlands
o lang fennel, orpine, green birks
decked wi lilies, the giddy loupin
ower the boon fires.

(Lots of other resources if you want to find out more about Scots too including latest news and blogs.)

Read the full poem and find out more here

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