Thursday, 29 August 2013


Looking forward to meeting Rab Wilson this Saturday.

Rab Wilson

He is currently Writer in Residence as part of the Ettrick and Yarrow Development Project. But also better known to me as the writer of this glittery unseasonable gorgeous poem in Scots:

Lorry Load o Christmas Trees

Snell November, fludes an wuin an rain,
The glumshy Nith laps up agin the waa's,
Glaumin oot tae threitin aa the Saunds.
Fowk daunce wild reels, fechtin wi umbrellas.
Whyles ower the Buccleuch brig cams rummlin,
A lorry haipit up wi Christmas trees!


I will ask him if I can put the rest up but for the moment you can find it here (and more about Rab)

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