Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Last call for poetry www.poetandgeek.com Issue 7

It is almost that time again.

We need your poetry for Issue 7. Send us your contribution now before day end 30th September 2013.

Check out previous editions of the magazine at www.poetandgeek.com. (Yes - it is easy as that. Fill us up.  Much cheaper than gas...)

And btw p&g competition 2013 news coming soon

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  1. About Life

    Life is not
    only, about
    a lot of nice
    or having fun

    Some put you down,
    to get ahead,
    one step further
    up their rung

    You have to
    play a game, you
    can have, your own
    mentors, or new rules

    But don’t expect
    assistance free,
    time or regrets
    from we mortals

    In our ad lands,
    old dinosaurs, they
    rust in silence
    hear no roar

    Apocalypse as
    Nostrodamus nor
    his children
    ever saw
    Our lack of focus
    idol gossip,
    all for fame
    but who asks why?

    We war for water,
    text not talk, as
    travel carbons
    tax our sky

    Our only dream,
    mirage, of false-
    hoods, fat
    utopia of food

    As under-nourished,
    lacking motiv-
    ation, lonely,
    sit or stew.

    Give all you’ve got
    be kind to people,
    have clear vision,
    dare, be brave.

    Beware of foxes,
    empty boxes,
    laugh and never,
    a worry, save.