Friday, 6 September 2013

Rainy day

The rain has come after a long dry.

For Minoru Yoshioka, the change in weather makes his Monks turn into:

...four misshapen umbrellas
Holes appear in the lovely walls and ceilings
and rain starts to fall through.

Julián del Casal in Tardes de lluvia suggest a sensual undercurrent to his afternoons of rain:

Bate la lluvia la vidriera
y las rejas de los balcones,
donde tupida enredadera
cuelga sus floridos festones...

...que aún el espacio gris clarea
abre su botón la peonía,
cierra su cáliz la ninfea


  1. The onfaa dings the winnock
    an the ravel o the platties,
    whaur the roch bindwid
    hings its wanthrift...

    ...skybrek daws, lown an gray,
    the spaingie lowsens its gornel,
    the watter lily steeks its flouer

  2. And if you don't understand, look it up!