Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Issue 7 out now

Lucky 7!

Cross over into the world of featuring new international poetry from Joan McNerney, Paul Tristram, Daniel Roy Connelly, Maeve Henry, Yann Rousselot, Fanni Suto, Marc Carver, Thomas Clark, Sheree Mack, Rafa Ayala in translation by Roger Hickin, Jane Aldous, Michael Lee Johnson, Sara Clark, Sye Sanders. And the alt-interview is back with the fearless Andrew Forster and Andrew Fisher.

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Return of the alt-interview

Issue 7 is due out and we are glad to say that the alt-interview is back.

If you haven't come across this form of interview before, it is an anti-interview technique. The interviewees make their choice from a selection of (quite) random questions. The aim is to uncover information about them that a more familiar method would leave untouched. In issue 7 poet Andrew Forster and scrabble champion Andrew Fisher take the challenge.

Let us know if you want to...

Previous alt-interviewees include poet Peter Hughes and art taxidermist David Blyth.

You can read them here

Monday, 28 October 2013

Poetry by Heart October 30th 2013 Leeds England

Another great event in Leeds. This advertises itself with pictures of cakes; Shore Poets in Edinburgh being the main cake-led performance venue for poetry that p&g has encountered previously, we can vouch that pictures of cakes guarantee a good night out.

I know: I have eaten the lemon cake.

Plus the pleasure of hearing work from Pat Borthwick, Oz Hardwick,  Alistair Noon,  Joanna SedgwickAdam Strickson and Noel Whittall. But maybe not in that order.

Where? Heart, Bennett Road, Headingley,, LS6 3HN Leeds. Turn up from 7.30pm. Free admission.

A lot more information available here

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Call for radio poetry

Radio Wildfire want your stuff.

During this October they have broadcast:
  • poetry and spoken word with music and soundscape from The Little Typists (England), Stephen Mead (New York), the duo Kinsame (France), Huw Parsons and his collaborators (Wales) and Albarz (England).
  • poetry unaccompanied from Sarah James and Sarah Harrison.
  • Roy Mcfarlane's poetry group collaboration with Jean Binta Breeze.

You could be next. Get over to to find out how.

Day of the Dead poems

A little early to be sure but poetry is bound up with Mexican celebrations of the Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

This runs from the 31st October to the 2nd November connecting with the Christian festival time of Hallowmas. That is the day before All Hallows (Hallowe'en), All Hallows or All Saints itself and All Souls.

Catrinas 2.jpg

Me muero todos los días...Julie Sopetrán

You can find out more here

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Kent & Sussex Poetry Society Open Competition 2014

The time of year when my thoughts turn to Sussex.

There is actually plenty of time to enter as the deadline is 31st January 2014. Poet Pascale Petit judges and she will read all the submissions. A good thing.

Full details are here

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Call for poetry Issue 8

p&g are opening the call for poetry for Issue 8 due out in May 2014.

Full details on where co-incidentally the many pleasured harvest of p&g Issue 7 will be also brought to fruition shortly. competition 2013 results

Many congratulations to the winner of this year's poetry competition:

Joan McNerney (USA) for her poem Lost landscape. The judge's notes commended the poem's strong central metaphor, command of form and material both lyrically and in a manner reminiscent of Robert Frost "satisfyingly enigmatic".

The runners-ups are as follows:

Rafael Ayala Paez/Roger Hickin translation (Venezuela/New Zealand) - Impressions

Sheree Mack (UK) - Leaving home

The competition was judged by Scottish poet Andrew McCallum.

You can read all poems in Issue 7 - out soon - of

Monday, 14 October 2013

Owl poetry

We have discussed the experimental sounds of zebra finches.

Now learn about tracking a new owl species by sound recording work. Joyous work in the Al Hajar mountains of Oman.

You can read the story here and in more measured tones here

The dark will

And while we are on the dark side. How about taking a look at Neon magazine?

Image by Matthew Basham

They describe themselves as having "particular taste for the apocalyptic".

Try submitting. The policy is as follows:

Neon is based in the UK, and is published online and in print every quarter. We publish writers from anywhere in the world, and everything we publish is available for free online (although we are very happy when readers donate or buy print copies, as it helps us keep on publishing).

More information and the lovely online magazine to look at here

The Dark Would launch, Manchester, England 16th October 2013

Experimental poetry showing for one night only. The intriguing tagline for the launch of The Dark Would (yes, the title is great!) anthology, with Jo Langton, Mike Chavez-Dawson and Nigel Wood.

This is on Wednesday. Yes. This Wednesday.

Other Room 41

Free at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE from 7.00 pm.

More information available here

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Black Middens

New Writing Scotland 31 is out. A large and beautiful anthology, it is crammed with good poems and writing featuring many of the poets who have appeared in p&g.

We recommend it: just look at the cover for a start. (Although don't judge it from that alone...obviously.)

You can purchase the book and much else here

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Poetry house 04

Dichter haus. The small house purchased by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff (1797-1848). An Emily Dickinson-like figure with a huge reach across German poetry and a modern uneasy sensibility coupled with natural writing of great precision. Unlike Emily she actually published to enough acclaim to acquire this retreat.

Der Weiher

Er liegt so still im Morgenlicht,
So friedlich, wie ein fromm Gewissen;
Wenn Weste seinen Spiegel küssen,
Des Ufers Blume fühlt es nicht;
Libellen zittern über ihn,
Blaugoldne Stäbchen und Karmin,
Und auf des Sonnenbildes Glanz
Die Wasserspinne führt den Tanz;
Schwertlilienkranz am Ufer steht
Und horcht des Schilfes Schlummerliede;
Ein lindes Säuseln kommt und geht,
Als flüstre's: Friede! Friede! Friede! -

The man-made pond

It is so quiet in the morning light,
as relaxed as a religious conscience;
When the west wind kisses his reflection
the shore flower does not feel it;
Dragonflies tremble at him,
blue gold carmine rods.
And the image of the sun shines on.
The water spider leads the dance;
Iris in wreaths stand on the shore
And listen to a lullaby of reeds,
the linden sigh comes and goes,
murmuring Peace! Peace! Peace!
(Translated by Bridget Khursheed)

More on Droste-Hü