Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blog tour signpost: Andrew McCallum

And one more signpost from p&g to a blog we like a lot:

Andrew McCallum was born in Wellhead Farm Cottage, just outside Cleghorn, brought up in Carnwath, far frae his hame did wander on reaching his majority, and – after an absence of 25 years – bides back in Biggar, where he can see from his bedroom window, in a cleuch of the Hartree Hills, the farm cottage under the roof-tree of which his mother was born; a circumstance from which, being fond of circles and the completion thereof, he derives great satisfaction. He scribbles poetry, which has been reluctantly and against his better judgement published in twa-three magazines and a wheen o anthologies in Britain and America.

He is currently Secretary of Biggar Museum Trust’s Brownsbank Committee, which sponsors the Brownsbank Writing Fellowship, and convenor of Biggar Writers’ Group. His chapbooks and pamphlets includes Poems Scots and Inglis (2007); ony sma’er thocht (2008); fieldpath and forest trail (2009); Fifty Biggar Little Poems (2011); Angina Pectoris (2012); pièces d’occasion (2013); Tam o Shanter: a post-MacDiarmidean Tale (2013)

You can find his blog enchevêtrements here

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