Thursday, 20 February 2014

Flood poetry

Take a look over on the prose and poetry webzine Ink Sweat and Tears for a poem of rain and commuting inspired by the A68 - a grand road bordered by hares and lapwings in season - but could be just about anywhere in the UK right now especially the southern half and contributed by p&g editor Bridget Khursheed.

Poet and artist Helen Ivory now runs Ink Sweat and Tears which has a long history for an online zine - founded by Salt author Charles Christian in 2007 as a platform for new poetry and short prose and experimental work in digital media.  IS&T reviews poetry, prose, prose-poetry, word & image pieces and everything in between.  Their tastes are eclectic and magpie-like [good] and they usually publish something new every day [better still].

Find Commute here and more about how to submit your own work to Ink Sweat and Tears here

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