Thursday, 20 March 2014

Poetry robot app

This is free from Scrumble Studios. It doesn't do much. It presents you with a poem that you can share by email or Facebook. The lines repeat in random stanza lengths and order. So quite arbitrary. It is from a while back too.

However the image of the colourful goats will live on...and this could be quite fun if it had a few more lines to scramble. Here is the poem is a more readable format.

Powerful and peaceful versus the summer
I command colorful goats behind the spring
Be transparent. The evil gets weird
Dark and drab regarding the trees
You conjure zealous inspirations up the fog
Crazy! The demon will come again
All scary off the fog
I examine drab illusions despite the mud
Oh God! The Queen is over

(Generated by the Robot Poetry Windows 7 Phone App)
You can find at your relevant app store.

And let us know if you have poetry apps you want us to review...preferably better than this one.

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