Friday, 20 June 2014

Welcome to issue 8 of

A solstice issue of sun, water and gods.

Does everything look little or is that just you?

Join our poets on a journey of love and death and white noise. Dolls, tears and mountains. Titanic mountains from Edward Belleville, Suchoon Mo's doll and Judith Taylor's worm- if only Dorothy Wordsworth were still alive. And reviews of one new book and one old - go into the half-tended/tender world of Laurie Duggan's Allotments or see how the other half lives in Joan Johnston's The daredevil: scenes from a bigamist marriage.

Sit on the cusp of summer and feel the ice.

Full list of contributors:

Frank C. Praeger, Vivien Jones. Judith Taylor, Sam Kolinski, Mary McLuskey, Edward Belleville, John Quinn, Suchoon Mo, Jeff Bell, Godefroy Dronsart, Paola Borella, Helen Burke, Charlie Atkinson, Aswin Vijayan.

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