Thursday, 7 August 2014

Poetic inheritance in a Marks and Spencer bag

Can you help restore poetry to its rightful owners?

A friend of ours has been in touch with a bag of poems written by Leslie Trevor Reid (April 11th 1964 - January 30th 1991). Leslie was a warm and gifted poet with a unique voice - compared to John Skelton by American poetry professor David Citino - who grew up in Oxford later working as a bricklayer but also spent time attending classes at Ohio State University, USA. Leslie died tragically young in a car accident. He had just started publishing but, in the days before social media has left little trace except for a poetic inheritance in an M&S bag.

At the time of his death, his two sons Joseph and Duncan were very small and went to live with their mother Kay in Brixham in Devon. All contact was lost and the poems were put into storage in the Scottish Borders. These young boys will now be in their late twenties. And probably have little knowledge of what their Dad wrote or created.

Can you help return the poems - some of which concern them directly - and Lez's picture as shown to its rightful owners? Get in touch in the usual way.

And thanks. It is about time.

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