Sunday, 15 February 2015 Issue 9 - the myth issue - is out now

Helen Shay considers Orpheus on the underground. Steve Komarnyckyj ponders the saints and the seabirds in liminal Edinburgh and beyond. Rob Yates translates. Josie Tutty dips a toe in the Styx, while Ed Waverley discovers Atlantis.

And John D Robinson sneaks in the closest thing to prose to ever feature in p&g.

We invite you to cross over to the other side...

New work from Steve Komarnyckyj, Judith Taylor, Lou Siday, Josie Tutty, Nick Monks, John D Robinson, Helen Shay, Robert Ferns, Phil Wood, Rob Yates, Kat Soini, Laura Carter, Dave Migman, Ed Waverley and Ashby McGowan.

Read the full issue here

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