Monday, 11 May 2015

Welcome to Issue 10 p&g

Yes we have reached double figures with this - the bijou issue - and yet our biggest concern remains our folder naming convention on reaching this milestone.

Fabulous poetry awaits...p&g is a many faceted jewel... Andrew McCallum finds his wealth in the hills and an apple orchard; Dorian Rolston considers alternative settings; Jonah Semple shines like a diamond for a stranger; Ian C Smith and Craig Spence search for treasure while there is a little bit of alchemy from Thomas Clark; and John Quinn wonders if all that glistens.

Ed Waverley of course looks outside the box...

Plus new poems and artwork from Stephen Daniels, Phil WoodNeila Mezynski and Bridget Khursheed. And talented translator Thomas Clark also does the technical bit...

X marks the spot...

Read p&g Issue 10 here

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