Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stowed Out 2015 dazzle me with your spoken word..

Yes there are a couple of free slots - about 15 minutes each - on the Roxxap Roar Spoken Word Stage: do your stuff and get free entry to the festival and some spending money.

A great opportunity...

The Roxxap Roar Spoken Word stage will feature local performance artists Sara ClarkDorothy Alexander, Anita John, Jules Horne, Thomas Clark and special guests. Bridget Khursheed says "It is very exciting to be curating the spoken word event at Stowed out - spoken word has been making media headlines but it is an art that has always been alive and well here in the Borders - local talent and some headline names from around the UK will be strutting their stuff on the Roxxap Roar stage in high energy, performance shots on subjects as diverse as punk love, oystercatchers, consumer tics and knitting with dog hair; I am keeping a couple of spaces for anyone who can dazzle me with their set on YouTube - please get in touch via Twitter or the usual email. Sara Clark will be on hand to show festival goers how to write your own spoken word. And a cash slam prize is also available for the best set on the day.

What am I expecting to see on YouTube or your video - well something like this:


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